How To Stay Consistent With Blogging/Planning Tips

So many influencers/content creators are full time employees, I being one of them. We are also parents, wives and business owners. Do you ever wonder how they juggle it all?

Today I’m going to share with you how I’ve managed to consistently blog since January 2018, maintain a full time job, be an amazing partner, and parent to my four super dope kids.

Let’s Begin!

Planning & Prioritizing

This is one of the most important pieces to staying consistent. The ever so famous quote says, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

Planning for me looks like planning everything from blog and video ideas, meals for the week and charging camera batteries. When it comes to writing blogs and filming videos, I like to write down what I plan to write and what I plan to film and the days I’d like to post it.

This is where a handy dandy planner comes into play. My preference, an actual handheld planner. I like to write it down. I purchased a personalized planner from and I love it! If you’re more of a digital age individual, there are several amazing digital apps compatible with IOS and Android devices. Below is a link to an article detailing the 9 best planning apps of 2019.

Writing, Filming & Photos

Dedicate a day or a few hours on multiple days to write, film and shoot. I dedicate Sundays to all three. My current posting schedule is;

  • Tuesday & Thursday affordable looks of the day posted on Instagram
  • Wednesday- Blog
  • Thursday, Friday & Sunday videos in YouTube

A lot right? Here is how I do it. Because I post photos twice a week and there’s 4 weeks in a month, I shoot a month’s worth of content in one day. This consist of putting together all of my looks, packing them into my car and dragging my youngest son along who is my photographer to shoot the looks. Quick changes in the car and driving to different locations. Yes, this takes a few hours but, the time saved is priceless!

Batch Writing – when it comes to my blog, I usually write multiple blogs in one sitting. Now this goes back to planning and prioritizing and writing down topics. By far, subject is the most difficult part of this process for me. When you’re posting a blog or two a week, topics can be challenging so I make sure to have brainstorming sessions with myself. This usually takes place in the evenings after the kids are in bed. All of this allows me to write my blogs in WordPress and schedule them. I love it!

Filming – this process is very similar to writing. If I’m filming, I try to film a week ahead. That means three videos. If I mange my time properly, I can film two video in one day. Yes, that means changing looks and sometimes backgrounds twice and n one day, but it goes quickly when you know what you’re filming. Part of this process includes editing. If you’ve ever edited videos then you know that the process can be laborious. I like to edit in the evenings, but if I can squeeze it in on my Sundays, then I do!

Being an Influencer/Content Creator is definitely my favorite work and the tips I’ve shared makes working my full time corporate gig, being a mom/partner and maintaining Talking All That Jaz possible.

How do you manage it all? If you have an additional tips, feel free to share in the comments!

Until next time…🦋


Jazmine, get your shit together!

The last three weeks have been something else! I’ve fallen behind in posting, creating content and using my time wisely. Here is what I know about myself, when I fall behind and lose focus, sometimes it’s hard to regain my footing. 

I found myself whining about not having enough time, yes whining. Now I will say this, my corporate job demands an usual chunk of my time, sometimes excessive. 

Anyone who works a desk job knows how you feel after a 10 or 12 hour work day! You don’t want to see another computer screen or talk on another phone.

The time I did have left in the day I used for my family, cooking dinner, doing homework with the kids and….sleeping. I then began to get discouraged because I was spending less and less time on what I love doing, creating and writing! Then that turned into a pity party for one and a shitload of excuses. Who’s been there?

“Procrastination is the thief of time” ~ Edward Young 

What did I do to pull myself out?

  1. Stopped making excuses
  2. Created a timeline to better manage my time (sometimes it’s poor time management and NOT lack of time)
  3. Used that beautiful planner I bought to map out my life and creating content

Facing facts and admitting things to yourself isn’t always easy, especially the areas where we’re struggling. This week I looked in the mirror and gave myself a pep talk! I said, “Sis, get your shit together.” Short and to the point! It comes down to, how bad do you really want it? Sometimes you have to encourage yourself and be your own motivation. 

Today, get up and do that thing you’ve been putting off! “What you do today can improve all of your tomorrows.” ~ Unknown 

Until next time…🦋