Weekly Style Roundup

This week’s style roundup features one look. Yes folks, that’s right! But this one look was fire!
This week we were blessed with some really good weather here in California, and by good I mean sun lol. While the days were cold, the sun was nice treat! This particular day began bright and sunny and I don’t know about you but there’s something magical about the sun, it puts me in a great mood!

The outfit…
I mean who said short shorts were just for winter? I decided to pair these stretchy H&M jean shorts ($14) with a Forever21 ribbed tank ($7), thrifted oversized mustard colored blazer (less than $4) from Savers, distressed tights and these spectacular thigh high boots ($72 splurge item) from ASOS!

I absolutely loved this look. The way I paired these shorts is a perfect way to integrate summer pieces into the winter. It’s all about layering! You don’t have to pack everything away, if you don’t want to. Those shorts, mini skirts, slip dresses and any other summer pieces can be worn in the winter.
Do you wear summer pieces in the winter?
That’s a wrap on this week’s look! Remember to keep it cute, comfortable and most important, keep it affordable!

Weekly Style Update – Week of 9/22


Three photos and two looks. I had to make a few changes to my weekly posting schedule. As a full time corporate employee, mom of 4, partner to one and content creator, I had to find balance. That balance included posting two affordable looks for the week instead of three. Trust, the fashion content won’t suffer!

Look Number 1: Two words, THESE PANTS! OMG when I saw them in the store, I knew I had to have them. Being 5’2″, it’s hard finding wide legs pants that you don’t drown in. While these are long, I don’t trip over them. I found these amazing wide leg pants at Target. It’s no secret that Target is one of my go-to’s, but if you’ve found a good thing, hold on to it! 😊 Target is most definitely my mistress. These pants are from the WhoWhatWear collection. The color is perfect for Fall…although, we’re still waiting on Fall here in the Bay Area. I paired these pants with a super soft dark green sweater which I wore off the shoulder. The sweater is from none other than Forever 21. Let’s get into the details! Pants are from Target: $24.50. Sweater, Forever 21 purchased a while back so price unknown. Grand Total: $24.50.


Look Number 2: I’m giving you tomboy chic. I absolutely love wearing sneakers, especially when I can pair them with a look for work. This entire look was thrifted from a local goodwill. I absolutely love thrifting and if you’re lucky, you’ll catch a great sale like I did. This entire look is navy blue and white gingham. I feel like I need a drumroll to reveal what I paid for the entire look…🥁. The shirt: $1.50. The Pants: $3. Grand Total: $4.50. I tried to warn y’all! Now this look is most definitely affordable!  You can’t get a gallon of gas for $4 lol


That’s a wrap on this week’s looks! Until next time, keep it cute, comfortable and most important, affordable! Come back next week for all new looks!