Fenty Glossy Posse Mini Gloss Bomb Set – Product Review

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Fenty…need I say more? I’ve been a fan of the gloss bombs from day one, so when this cute little set was released, I knew I was going to purchase it! I am pretty basic and 100% consistent when it comes to my lipstick choices. I am a straight lipgloss or something in the nude/brown family but these glosses are far from basic!  I remember my first gloss bomb, I purchased the shade FUSSY. I’d seen it on a YouTube review and knew I had to have it. I generally shy away from pinks because as a black girl, the wrong shade of pink will have you looking real ashy. I knew after I opened it that the FUSSY shade would make an amazing top coat for my nude look, but I wanted to try it alone and when I did, I was amazed! It was absolutely gorgeous.

Now when I think of lipglosses, the first thing that comes to mind is sticky. Ugh, thinking about that glue like consistency of some glosses makes me cringe. The FENTY gloss bomb though, no stickiness at all! It’s actually very smooth and quite moisturizing! And can we talk about the scent? My goodness, it smells like candy, pink Strarburst to be exact.

Now let’s talk about this amazing set of minis.

I purchased this set during the holidays and was super thirsty so I opened them in the car. I decided to swatch them. Take a look!

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As you can see there is definitely some nice pigment. These glosses pair amazingly well with the “makeup no makeup” look and they totally make me feel like I’m back in the 90’s. They also make amazing top coats for your favorite lipsticks.

Let’s get into price.

This set retails for $42 at Sephora, not bad in my opinion. Would I recommend? Absolutely! So go out this weekend and pick one up, and pick one up for a friend.



I Found The Fountain Of Youth


Skincare, such an important part of my daily routine. As I’ve gotten older, skincare has reached a new level of importance. I have a morning routine and a night routine which I’ll eventually share on my YouTube channel.

Disclaimer: I am NOT a skin expert, Dermatologist nor Esthetician. I am simply sharing what works for my skin. Now let’s get into it!

My skin type? Definitely combination, and the combo depends on the season. Warmer months my skin tends to be more oily, and during the winter dry, flaky with a hint of oily. I’ve shared before that I’ve not always had a routine. I was definitely your Dove in the shower kind of girl, which I have nothing against, but my routine has evolved.

This serum by Lancôme, my girlfriend actually bought for herself. I’ve been using another brand and have no complaints, but I ran out of my serum. The Lancôme didn’t agree with her skin, so she gave it to me. I am always open to trying new things but I’d already found a routine that worked but when I ran out, I thought, perfect time to try it out.

My advice, anytime you’re applying serums, moisturizers or oils, do it right after you wash your face and your skin is still moist but not damp. I started using the serum on a Sunday. I will say this, if you’re sensitive to fragrances, this may not be for you because it does have a scent. Before I talk about the application, let’s talk about the design of the bottle. The bottle is beautiful! It looks “rich”, and at the price point…it should. Price starts at $52 and goes up to $178. For that price, it needs to give me new skin! The sleek glass design and dropper is convenient and genius. To fill the dropper, you simply press a button on the top of the bottle and it fills the dropper with the perfect amount. With this formula, a little goes a long way!


I filled up the dropper, opened the bottle and poured it into my hand. I noticed immediately that it was a bit thicker than my current serum and had a cloudy but very pretty appearance. I applied it to my face and began to massage it into my skin. It felt luxurious!  After about a week of using the product, people started telling me that I was glowing. I wanted to attribute it to my new found happiness, but I knew it was the serum. After about a week my skin felt soft, appeared brighter and smoother! Ya’ll, I had that Bruce Leroy glow (movie: The Last Dragon).

This stuff is like liquid gold! It is indeed the fountain of youth in a little glass bottle. Here is the description straight from their site:

What it is:
With NEW tested efficacy, and for all skin types, a fast-acting anti-aging skin serum that instantly makes skin feel hydrated, smooth and soft, revealing more radiant skin in as little as seven-days.

What else you need to know:
No skincare routine is complete without a face serum. In just one bottle, this powerful anti-aging skin treatment, which contains Bifidus Prebiotic, targets the key signs of youth in in just seven-days: radiance, tone, elasticity, smoothness and firmness.

With new tested efficacy, this hydrating serum helps to accelerate skin surface recovery and strengthen the moisture barrier. The Advanced Génifique bottle also features an innovative self-loading dropper for the perfect usage amount/per application.

Research Results:
Based on self-assessments on 34 women in an 8-week study, after 1 week:
– 85% of women felt skin appeared more radiantbr

After 2 weeks:
– 94% of women felt skin appeared smoother

Based on self-assessments of 103 women in an 8-week study, after 4 weeks:
– 89% of women agreed skin felt softer

Based on self-assessments on 67 women in an 8-week study:
– 90% of women agreed skin appeared healthy-looking

The reviews – when my girlfriend was looking for a good serum, my mind was blown at the amount of reviews on this product. I can honestly say, I’ve NEVER seen a product reviewed like this one. Check it out!


4.5 stars and almost 17K reviews! Mind blown! Do I even need to say that I’d recommend this product? You can clearly see that it’s a resounding yes based on my review. If you’re looking for an amazing serum and have a few extra extra coins, this is it! I absolutely love this stuff. I give this serum and 10 out of 10!

Now the real question is, who wants to buy me a new bottle?