2019, A Year of Lessons

Lessons, the best word to describe 2019. Without a doubt 2019 taught me several things about myself, and life in general. It also whooped my ass! You ever go through so much you question God’s intentions? Have to take a real good look at yourself? I literally said to God, “Bruh, I’m good on the lessons! I’m good for at least the next 5 years, easy.”

Here are a few things I learned in 2019:

  • Health is wealth only if you make it a priority
  • You can’t heal what you don’t confront
  • You can do a lot of things, but you can’t do all the things
  • More money won’t fix bad spending habits
  • The life you desire is on the other side of fear.
  • Age is really just a number
  • Parenting is a gift.
  • Saying no to things you hate is an act of self care.
  • Friends are a necessity.
  • A relationship is a partnership.
  • A spiritual foundation is a must.

What lessons did you learn in 2019 that will help you in 2020?

Until next time…🦋


Success is NOT Tied To Age

How many of us have set goals based on age? By 21 I’ll have this. By 30….this, and when you don’t meet those goals, you began to feel like you’ve failed?

I’m raising both of my hands! I had so many age specific goals it was crazy. Now let me say this, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but don’t let it be a reason to get discouraged, stop pursuing, or allow it to make you feel like you’ve failed. Now let’s move on.

By 26 I was a mother of 4 and at that point I can remember thinking, dang I really wanted to have x,y and z completed by 25, but I missed that so let’s aim for 30. Before my 27th birthday I was a divorced mother of 4 entering the workforce for the very first time without a degree. At that point, all goals had gone out the window and I immediately went into survival mode. I had developed a “by any means necessary” mentality. Before I knew it, 30 had come and gone and the thought of goals were nonexistent.

It took me years to forgive myself, to give myself grace. I started seeing so many stories of later in life success stories. College graduates in their 40’s, 50’s and 69’s. People starting successful businesses late in life. If you’re alive and you have a goal you want to achieve, it’s possible at any age!

I started this blog in January of 2018, three months before my 39th birthday. I started the blog as a means to get things off my chest. I planned to write my way out of depression and anxiety, and if in the process I was able to help and encourage someone else, I’d be happy! As of today, I’ve been able to do that and more!

Now that I’m 40, I’ve discovered my why and I’ve found my purpose. I also know that my success is NOT tied to my age. So today, if you’re questioning whether or not you should start that business, or finish that degree, or write that book, the answer is YES! Do it at 20. Do it at 30. Do it at 60. Just do it!

Until next time…🦋

Step Away & Breathe, but don’t Give Up

Sunday 10/13 was a day. I’d had a discussion with someone that put me in a bad headspace. Im normally strong enough to brush it off, but today was a little different. As a person who suffered for years with anxiety and depression, every now and then I’m reminded that there’s still more work to do.

After this interaction, everything began spiraling (thoughts are powerful y’all). You know those moments when you lose control and everything seems to go to shit in a hand basket real quick? Those who have suffered with anxiety and depression know exactly what I mean. One thing happens which triggers a deluge of negative thoughts.

Throughout the course of the day my children kept asking me was I okay. Now, I’m really bothered because I’ve allowed this mess to affect my exterior. Suffering with anxiety and depression as long as I did, you learn how to mask. You learn how to exist on autopilot, presenting a pseudo happy exterior, however, there are moments when the facade doesn’t work.

Remember the spiraling right? Well, earlier in the day I went into my closet to get clothes. I currently have organizational storage that I built and installed, nothing extravagant but it gets the job done. While pulling out a shirt, the bins come apart on the end. As I tried to repair it, that triggers a domino effect and half of the unit falls apart and all of my clothes fall to the floor.

I take a deep breath, put the clothes aside in nice neat folded piles and began to rebuild. As I’m reattaching the last piece, it falls apart again. Y’all, I literally screamed, threw all the clothes into a pile and cried like a baby. I had a full fledged meltdown. I gathered myself, got up, stepped away, showered and went on about my day. At that point, I had given up. I was not going to rebuild that damn thing.

It’s now late in the evening and before my children went to bed, I talked to them. Providing them clarity is important to me. We talked, said our I Love You’s and they were off to bed. I sat downstairs by myself in the quiet to go over the day. Here is what I know for sure, I’m human. Too often we are too hard on ourselves. We don’t give ourselves grace

What I learned that day:

  • I am human
  • It’s okay to no be okay
  • Don’t be so hard on yourself
  • Walk away but don’t give up
  • It’s better to face an obstacle with a clear head

Every morning I post inspirational messages on my Instagram stories, and this particular day I had to watch them for inspiration. This is one the one that helped me!

If you’re having a bad day. Allow yourself a moment, but don’t stay there.

Speaking of NOT staying there, I did indeed repair my closet. Grant it, it was about 12:30 AM on a work night, but I did repair it. I refolded all of my clothes, and put them away nicely. I didn’t give up, I did step away to breathe though.

How do you deal with breakdowns?

Until next time…🦋