Fenty Glossy Posse Mini Gloss Bomb Set – Product Review

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Fenty…need I say more? I’ve been a fan of the gloss bombs from day one, so when this cute little set was released, I knew I was going to purchase it! I am pretty basic and 100% consistent when it comes to my lipstick choices. I am a straight lipgloss or something in the nude/brown family but these glosses are far from basic!  I remember my first gloss bomb, I purchased the shade FUSSY. I’d seen it on a YouTube review and knew I had to have it. I generally shy away from pinks because as a black girl, the wrong shade of pink will have you looking real ashy. I knew after I opened it that the FUSSY shade would make an amazing top coat for my nude look, but I wanted to try it alone and when I did, I was amazed! It was absolutely gorgeous.

Now when I think of lipglosses, the first thing that comes to mind is sticky. Ugh, thinking about that glue like consistency of some glosses makes me cringe. The FENTY gloss bomb though, no stickiness at all! It’s actually very smooth and quite moisturizing! And can we talk about the scent? My goodness, it smells like candy, pink Strarburst to be exact.

Now let’s talk about this amazing set of minis.

I purchased this set during the holidays and was super thirsty so I opened them in the car. I decided to swatch them. Take a look!

savingPNG 17

As you can see there is definitely some nice pigment. These glosses pair amazingly well with the “makeup no makeup” look and they totally make me feel like I’m back in the 90’s. They also make amazing top coats for your favorite lipsticks.

Let’s get into price.

This set retails for $42 at Sephora, not bad in my opinion. Would I recommend? Absolutely! So go out this weekend and pick one up, and pick one up for a friend.



Beauty Product of the Week|Maybelline TattooStudio Eyeliner Pencil

Today’s product is small and unassuming but packs one hell of a pigmented punch! It’s none other than Maybelline’s TattooStudio’s Eyeliner Pencil. Before I get into it, let’s talk about the eyeliners of the past.

I grew up during the era when girls carried lighters that weren’t for smoking. The trusty BIC lighter was for the coveted eyeliner.

Let me explain.

Growing up in a super religious household, makeup was NOT allowed. This required some negotiating. We landed on eyeliner and lip gloss. Let me just say, this was before brows were a thing because I would have definitely negotiated those.

Applying the eyeliner – anyone who used to use eyeliners of the past knows that they were as dry as the yellow #2 pencil used for exams. This meant that the color didn’t show up until after you rubbed it back and forth on the back of your hand a few times, or if you were a genius like me, you took the lighter to the tip of the eyeliner until it warmed up and softened. Now why would one do this? Because when it softened, and after you blew it to cool it off just a tad,  it glided the blackest of black color on the lower lid. Can we say eyes poppin’?!

Fast forward! I am still a fan of eyeliner and recently I discovered Maybelline’s TattooStudio Eyeliner Pencil.

It was a fluke because I just grabbed the first one I saw. I got home, opened it up and it looked like a felt tip pen! Ya’ll I was excited, so excited that I decided to put it on right then and there. I began to apply it and I swear it was the smoothest, most pigmented eyeliner I’ve ever used and at $8.99, it’s a steal! This eyeliner definitely lives up to the claims:

  • 36-hour intensity
  • Glides on smooth and delivers intense eye definition in one stroke
  • Waterproof, no smudging, no fading

I can truly say that I am impressed! This is my new go-to! If you’re looking for a super pigmented, sharpenable eyeliner that you don’t have to warm first 😉, this is the one! 5 out of 5 ⭐️. Thank me later!


My Go-To Makeup Remover



I don’t wear makeup often, but the products I use to achieve my makeup no makeup look still requires a solid makeup remover and I found one!

I really began to focus on my skin about a year ago. Now, I’ve always washed my face daily but I wasn’t into anything other than a little coconut oil to keep my face glowing and the old school cocoa butter stick for blemishes and I never wore makeup. As I dabbled more and more into the land of makeup I began to research all things skincare.

One day I decided to look for a good makeup remover, something other than my unscented Dove. I did my research and stumbled upon this product. It had amazing reviews so I decided to fork over $30 to try it out, and if you know me then you know I had to be serious spending $30 on one product! It didn’t help that the lady at the Macy’s sales counter was very very good at her job! I must admit, I wasn’t very familiar with the product other than what I had read about it, and being a black woman, I didn’t know how it would work on my skin. I had it about a week before I used it. I am also one that is consistency challenged when it comes to touching creams and what not so I wasn’t sure how this balm was going to work.

This product at first glance looks like coconut oil. It’s white and very thick. If it was in an unmarked jar, you might cook with it or put it in your hair. When scooping it out, it also feels like coconut oil. I began to apply the balm all over my face and it quickly went from solid to oil and I could see the products melting right off of my face, even my mascara and lip stain. Any mascara and lip stain wearers knows how much effort it takes to remove those products! I swear they want to make sure you get your moneys worth. I must say that I still follow up with a good face wash to get off any product left behind, but I was very impressed by how much this actually took off. This product like all of Clinique’s products is scent free which was a huge bonus for me and definitely a bonus to all of you out there with allergies!

Would I recommend this product? 100%

I would actually recommend several of their products which I’ll be talking soon in an upcoming post all about skincare so come back next week for a new beauty share.