Weekly Style Roundup

This week’s style roundup features one look. Yes folks, that’s right! But this one look was fire!
This week we were blessed with some really good weather here in California, and by good I mean sun lol. While the days were cold, the sun was nice treat! This particular day began bright and sunny and I don’t know about you but there’s something magical about the sun, it puts me in a great mood!

The outfit…
I mean who said short shorts were just for winter? I decided to pair these stretchy H&M jean shorts ($14) with a Forever21 ribbed tank ($7), thrifted oversized mustard colored blazer (less than $4) from Savers, distressed tights and these spectacular thigh high boots ($72 splurge item) from ASOS!

I absolutely loved this look. The way I paired these shorts is a perfect way to integrate summer pieces into the winter. It’s all about layering! You don’t have to pack everything away, if you don’t want to. Those shorts, mini skirts, slip dresses and any other summer pieces can be worn in the winter.
Do you wear summer pieces in the winter?
That’s a wrap on this week’s look! Remember to keep it cute, comfortable and most important, keep it affordable!

Weekly Style Roundup

This week I’m giving you two very different looks! Since incorporating fashion into the blog, I’ve discovered so much about my style. I can say that I am extremely versatile and most definitely adventurous. I can be seen in sweats one day, and a pair of leather pants the next. That’s the beautiful thing about fashion, you make the rules!

Now let’s get into these looks!

Look Number 1. During the holidays I was in H&M (no surprise there) and while in the clearance section I came across this beautiful vintage looking green dress. I was immediately drawn to it and knew I had to have it! I found one left in my size…coincidence? I think not! The fact that it was marked down, just an added bonus. I decided to pair the dress with a pair of block heeled boots, and my beauty supply fave turban. The dress, $20.99. The boots are from ASOS and were $40.50. I’m definitely getting my money’s worth because of the versatility. I’ve worn them with so many things.

Look Number 2. Loved this look! This entire look is from Forever 21 minus the heels, those are from JustFab. The moto jacket I’ve had forever and quite honestly, it’s probably tired of being worn. This jacket pairs well with everything! Slacks, jeans, sweats… The pants and the turtleneck were part of the 50% off the whole store sale. Yes, you heard that right, 50% OFF THE ENTIRE STORE! Y’all I almost lost my entire mind. The pants are a cargo jogger. Very decent material and gives the snatched waist effect. The turtleneck is a staple in my wardrobe. This is a ribbed turtleneck with a sweater like material. As a kid I hated turtlenecks because I always felt like I was choking lol. My, have I grown! The pants, $15. The turtleneck, $7. Unfortunately, for this look I don’t have links. I scanned the items, but nothing came up. If I’m able to find the items, I’ll link them at a later time!

Until next time keep it cute, comfortable and most importantly, affordable!

Weekly Style Roundup

This week I decided to show a little skin! Who remembers the saying, “leave a little to the imagination”? That’s what I was going for with this week’s looks!

Look Number 1 was definitely rich in color with the lime green cropped hoodie and the lime green puff coat. I decided to show a little midsection since the sun decided to pay us a visit. The puff coat protected me from the cold, because let me tell you, it was definitely cold (Cali cold 😆)! The cropped hoodie came from Ross Dress For Less and it was only $6.99. It’s actually a pretty soft material and quite warm for the price. You can’t beat that! If you’re not a Ross shopper, you should be. You can definitely find some gems in there.

The puff jacket is from ASOS and it was on clearance for $29.99. This is a perfect Cali coat. Not too hot and not too cold. The pants are from Zumiez and they were $29.95. I absolutely love these pants. The quality is impeccable! Very well constructed and thick material.

Look Number 2 I’m calling schoolgirl inspired. This super cute little jean jumper is from H&M and if you’re a regular reader, then you know how I feel about H&M. When I saw the jumper in store I knew I had to have it. I usually steer clear of short items like this because my butt usually makes them ride up, but the fit on this was perfect! It’s a stretchy material that hugs in all the right places with the added bonus of the belt that snatches in the waist! The cost, only $24.99.

Now, let’s discuss these super comfy and super sexy thigh high boots! Saw them on ASOS and knew I had to have them. I will say, it was a bit of a splurge for me coming in at over $70 when I bought them. That was a definite stretch for me, but I regret nothing! These boots are amazing!

That’s a wrap on this week’s looks! Remember to keep it cute, comfy and most importantly, keep it affordable!

Weekly Style Roundup|Beauty Product of the Week|Where have I been?



Where the heck have I been? Did you even notice that the weekly style roundups had disappeared? The beauty products of the week? Either way I’m back! Let’s get caught up! So much has been going on. I’ve been trying to figure out this blog situation; my blog identity, the whole nine. Where did I land? Well, LifeSTYLE, Fashion & Motherhood. That pretty much sums me up! I had to get clear on how I can best serve my followers/readers. I’ve already deemed 2020 the year of clear vision and I’m getting a head start.

A few months back I began posting Weekly Style Roundups and Beauty products which included an in depth look at my affordable looks of the week which I post on Instagram Tuesdays & Saturdays. It broke down the pieces, included links when available and pricing info. My beauty product posts were basically products I was currently using and obsessed with!

Now why did I fall off? Simply put, life. Things are a bit more settled and I’m getting my grove back! Just call me Stella!

I want to take this time to say thank you! Thank you to those of you who read my blogs. Share my blogs. Comment on my blogs. I appreciate each one of you! Thank you for sticking with me!

Now on to some recent exciting happenings! Through the process of defining my blog identity, I kept asking God for signs. This is something I do often when I’m struggling with a lack of clarity. I was asking what did Lifestyle blogger mean exactly. I mean, I know the literal definition, but what did it mean for me. Then I began to ask, what am I good at and who is my target audience? That’s when I came up with LifeSTYLE, Fashion & Motherhood. After I settled there, I began to question IF that was right…because OVER THINKER.

Went to bed one night and woke up to a bunch of Instagram notifications, one of which was from H&M. I honestly thought it was a joke when I read it at 3 AM because deep sleep…so I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and took a real good look. Y’all, it was a real notification from the real H&M! They had posted me, the not quite nano influencer, the small Lifestyle blogger on their Instagram landing page! Y’all, I was in complete shock! Remember, it was 3AM but I wanted to wake up the entire house and yell, “I’m famous!” I wanted to call my mama and tell her I made it! Yes, I’m that extra in real life, but this was a big deal to me! I had barely made it off the pity party train and woke up to this news!

Picture of me when I got the news at 3AM. I call these shades, “my extra” shades!


This is me posted on H&M’s instagram page wearing one of their looks!


So, while still riding this wave I received another message. Same week! This time it was from Ross asking would I agree to having my image posted in their marketing materials. I agreed of course and here I am again!


I was so excited that I didn’t know what to do. I was also grateful for the opportunity! It definitely boosted my confidence and gave me an even clearer vision! I know what I want and THIS is definitely part of the vision! Stayed tuned folks because there is definitely more to come!

Until next time…🦋


Weekly Style Roundup – Week of 9.30

Weely Style Roundup

This week features two different looks paired with my favorite head wrap and no, it’s not because my braids were half down or maybe it is. Mind ya business….lol! Let’s get right into it!


Look Number 1: Features a men’s crewneck and a pair of amazing joggers! Ladies, don’t be afraid to look in the men’s section for clothing items. You’d be surprised by what you find and the many different ways to rock them. This graphic crewneck reads “No Thank You” and I loved it because it represented how polite I am saying No Thank You to BS these days. The shirt is from Forever 21 and was $9.99. Now let’s talk about these joggers, I purchased them from Zumiez. Yes the same Zumiez that sells clothes and skateboards. I found them while school shopping for the kids and my philosophy is two for them, one for me. The quality of these joggers are amazing! They are thick with a lot of give and us bottom heavy ladies love a good give. They also feature a super cut gold and black belt. The pants were $29.95 making the Grand Total for this look, $39.94.


Look Number 2: Well hello duster season…well not quite but let’s pretend. Let me say, I love love love this look. The duster, I purchased over six years ago from Monroe and Main so I don’t remember the price. Monroe & Main is a boutique catalog they send through the mail, you know the ones I’m talking about. I was skimming through and saw this duster and it was love at first sight. I bought it and I regret nothing. The tank is a spaghetti strap bodysuit purchased from Marshall’s for $8.99 and I’ve worn it with so many things! You’ll see it again before 2019 ends. Last but not least, my Fashion Nova jeans. These are the jeans I talked about a few blogs back. They are my first pair of Fashion Nova jeans. In one of my blogs I talked about being underwhelmed with them, but they’ve grown on me. I purchased them for $24.99. Grand Total, $33.98.


That’s a wrap on this week’s looks! Until next time, keep it cute, comfortable, and most important, affordable! Come back next week for all new looks!

Weekly Style Update – Week of 9/22


Three photos and two looks. I had to make a few changes to my weekly posting schedule. As a full time corporate employee, mom of 4, partner to one and content creator, I had to find balance. That balance included posting two affordable looks for the week instead of three. Trust, the fashion content won’t suffer!

Look Number 1: Two words, THESE PANTS! OMG when I saw them in the store, I knew I had to have them. Being 5’2″, it’s hard finding wide legs pants that you don’t drown in. While these are long, I don’t trip over them. I found these amazing wide leg pants at Target. It’s no secret that Target is one of my go-to’s, but if you’ve found a good thing, hold on to it! 😊 Target is most definitely my mistress. These pants are from the WhoWhatWear collection. The color is perfect for Fall…although, we’re still waiting on Fall here in the Bay Area. I paired these pants with a super soft dark green sweater which I wore off the shoulder. The sweater is from none other than Forever 21. Let’s get into the details! Pants are from Target: $24.50. Sweater, Forever 21 purchased a while back so price unknown. Grand Total: $24.50.


Look Number 2: I’m giving you tomboy chic. I absolutely love wearing sneakers, especially when I can pair them with a look for work. This entire look was thrifted from a local goodwill. I absolutely love thrifting and if you’re lucky, you’ll catch a great sale like I did. This entire look is navy blue and white gingham. I feel like I need a drumroll to reveal what I paid for the entire look…🥁. The shirt: $1.50. The Pants: $3. Grand Total: $4.50. I tried to warn y’all! Now this look is most definitely affordable!  You can’t get a gallon of gas for $4 lol


That’s a wrap on this week’s looks! Until next time, keep it cute, comfortable and most important, affordable! Come back next week for all new looks!

Weekly Style Update – Week of 9/9 & 9/16


You’re probably wondering where the Weekly Style Updates have been…atleast I hope you’re wondering 😆. This post features two weeks and three looks. Why you ask? Because I had a minor hiccup with my health, but all is well! Now let’s get into these looks!

Look Number 1: A little black faux leather top and one of my favorite pair of distressed jeans! The entire ensemble minus the shoes cam from Target. The top is from Target’s WhoWhatWear collection and let me just say, the collection is great! If you’re looking for pieces in store, and you live in the Bay Area, head over to Target in Walnut Creek Ygnacio Valley location. The top $23.09 on sale (30%) off. The jeans were purchased a while back, also from Target. Those cute leopard print scrappy heels are from Forever 21 and I love them. Grand Total: $23.09


Look Number 2: Distressed Mom Jeans, Low cut tank and an amazing boyfriend blazer. I didn’t know how I felt about this combo at first, but it came together nicely. I must say, I love these jeans! I purchased them at Forever 21. I was never a fan of Mom Jeans because a lot of them give you pancake butt. These are NOT those mom jeans. Let’s pause and talk about these platform sandals? I love a good platform. They are by far the most comfortable heels to wear. Don’t be fooled by my pics, heels are reserved for affordable looks of the day. Unfortunately I don’t have pricing information on all of these items, but the jeans, blazer and headband were purchased from Forever 21. The shoes are from JustFab and the tank which was $8.99 is from Marshall’s.



Look Number 3: Last but definitely not least! In this look I’m giving you jean on jean 90’s vibe! I love a good jean jacket, and this one delivers. Not only is it oversized and color blocked, it’s thick and warm. This jacket is from Target’s Wild Fable line. Another one one Target got right! This line is current and hip…do people still say hip? Don’t judge me 😂. I paired the jacket with a baggy dark pair of high-waisted mom jeans from Forever 21, white turtle neck and Fila tennis shoes. Who knew Fila would make a comeback?!? Jacket is from Target:  $32. Jeans are from Forever 21 : $27.90. Turtleneck is from Charlotte Russe: $6 and the awesome shoes were a gift from my amazing daughter. Grand Total: $65.90


That’s a wrap on this week’s looks! Until next time, keep it cute, comfortable and most important, affordable! Come back next week for all new looks!

Weekly Style Roundup – Week of 9/2


This week was a mix of this and that! A bit of dressy, business casual and grunge!

Look Number 1 is a beautiful mustard colored jumpsuit. I found this amazing piece at Target! Yes folks, the same Target you go to for toothpaste and toilet paper and leave with $150 worth of everything but toothpaste and toilet paper.  Let’s talk about Target’s fashion for a moment. I’ve always been a fan, and over the years their fashion game has evolved. They now have several amazing collections. Wild Fable, Who What Wear and Target 20 to name a few. This jumpsuit is from their Wild Fable collection. Not only is it on trend and great quality, it’s also affordable! Okay, now before I share, let me gather myself…Target landed in my comments asking me if it would be okay if they shared my look on their site! Oh but wait, this isn’t the first time. Ya’ll I was so excited…now, I’m currently manifesting a paid brand deal. This jumpsuit is super comfortable and feels like you’re wearing your favorite pair of pj’s. The gold strappy shoes are from my mama’s closet, they were perfect for this look! Price/Grand Total $30.


Look Number 2 I’m calling, “a little bit of grunge”. This outfit, also purchased from Target. Hat and shoes are from H&M. I am so longing for Fall that all three of these looks were shot in 90 degree weather. This look features my favorite pair of distressed jeans and a flannel in my favorite color. I was a bit unsure of this outfit, but I posted it anyway. The jeans are more of a jegging material which I love! I am not a huge fan of jeans with no stretch. The shirt it waist length and a really heavy material so it’s perfect for the Fall/Winter. The boots, I love love love. They are so cute and they are pretty comfortable. The hat, purchased on a whim from H&M and I’ve worn it with many outfits. Shirt $10.98. Jeans $15. Grant Total: $25.98.



Look Number 3 I absolutely love a good blazer moment! I found this particular blazer in Forever 21 and it was the only one in the store. I tried it on and it was a perfect fit. I paired it with a black turtleneck from Target and the jeans are from ASOS. The shoes are from JustFab. This look is perfect for dress down Fridays in the office. Blazer $29.90. Turtleneck $6.98. Jeans $20. Belt $7.99. Grand Total: $64.87.


That’s a wrap on this week’s look! Until next time, keep it cute, comfortable and most important, affordable! Come back next week for all new looks!

Weekly Style Roundup – Week of 8/26



Weekly Style Roundup – Week Of 8/26

This week features two looks! 

Look Number 1. Guess who got their first pair of Fashion Nova jeans???? Yep, me. Now, I’ve heard so much about this brand and how their jeans are amazing for curvy girls. I wanted to see what the hype was all about. Yes I know I’m late to the party, but hey. While school clothes shopping for my children, I decided to grab a pair. I ordered a size 9. When it comes to jeans, most times they fit in the hips and thigh areas but not the waist which creates that annoying gapping in the back. I can’t tell you how many belts I’ve ruined from that very problem. Okay, let’s get into the fit. I purchased the Stir It Up Ankle Jeans – Light Blue Wash. Price, $24.99. My thoughts, they were okay. I was expecting this amazing cinching of the waist and snug fit in the thighs. Unfortunately, the pair I purchased had gapping in the back. Thankfully, my shirt was long enough to cover it. I will probably purchase another pair before I make a final decision. So stay tuned, another pair will be featured in an upcoming Weekly Style Roundup. Okay real quick, the top is so cute. It’s sweater material and it’s definitely affordable. When I saw it I loved it! It was simple, but the exaggerated sleeves takes it to the next level. Top – Forever 21 $14.90. Jeans – Fashion Nova $24.99. Grand Total: $39.89



Look Number 2. pLeather & Lace! Ooohhh whew, I loved this look. Let me share that when I shot this look it was 90 degrees. I literally had to peel the pants off after we were finished taking pictures, and shower. I’m hoping  that if I keep shooting Fall looks it will call it forth! It’s the beginning of September and we’re still in the 90’s. None the less, I call this look Grown & Sexy. The leggings are from Target. Real quick, can we talk about Target’s fashion? The new Fall pieces from WhoWhatWear!!!! OMG I fell in love and was almost tempted to start a go-fund me account. Whew, I was gone for a second…I’m back. The leggings $16. The lace top, oh so cute and can be worn during Fall with a tank top underneath. The top – $19.99. Grand Total: $35.99


That’s a wrap on this week’s look! Until next time, keep it cute, comfortable and most important, affordable! Come back next week for all new looks!