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  • One of the greatest things you can do as a parent is to admit when you’re wrong, and to willingly share your mistakes. Parenting multiple children requires an expert level of balancing, listening, loving, understanding, and expecting the unexpected.

    My daughter who is now 18,

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  • Quesadillas two Ways

    I’m back with another easy to make recipe because who really has time to prepare a Sunday style dinner during the week. This week we’re preparing two kinds of quesadillas, steak and chicken. You’re probably wondering why steak and chicken? Well if your kids are

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  • Shopping, one of my favorite past times, but not something I do often. I’m far from a fashion blogger, but I love clothes. I would describe my style as boho/thrift store chic. I love thrift stores! One of my favorite thrift stores is Mars Mercantile located in the amazing city of

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  • Welcome to my very first Tasty Thursday Post! Every other Thursday I’m going to be posting a new recipe. Either a recipe I’ve created or one I’ve found and tried. Today’s featured recipe I like to call, Jaz’s almost homemade chicken pot pie (hold the peas please).

    As a busy

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  • Started this blog in August of 2016. Wrote a few blogs and fell off the face of the earth 🤦🏾‍♀️. I don’t believe the time was right. I lacked self confidence and most importantly, commitment. I was too afraid of what people would say or wouldn’t say, so I quit.

    Quitting for me

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  • It took me several years and many depressing days to learn this lesson.

    I used to be one of those individuals swayed by someone else’s feelings. Let me explain. Have you ever been around someone, a friend, a lover, a coworker, and their negative attitude and shitty disposition

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  • (This is a picture of my children and my fight is for them)

    Another black, unarmed, young black man killed. This time in his own backyard. His name is Stephon Clark. “I thought it was a toolbar” they said, “I thought it was a gun”, they said. It was neither, but he didn’t have

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  • This Week On The Blog/Vlog! I’ll still be posting this video every Monday, but blog details will be posted in my stories. If you aren’t following my blog and my YouTube channel, you should be! 😉 All links in bio
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  • Look Of The Week! I’ve struggled with finding my “niche”. Yes, I love writing, but I love fashion more...affordable fashion to be exact! With that being said, welcome to my page. I’m a fashion focused, lifestyle driven blogger bringing you looks for less! I’ll still be writing too 😉
Outfit Deets:
Blouse: @hm $12.99
Jeans: @forever21 $29.90
Sandals: @walmart $6.88
Grand Total: $49.77
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  • “Don’t downgrade your dream just to fit your reality. Upgrade your conviction to fit your destiny.” ~ Unknown
New Blog Is Posted! How many dreams have you talked yourself out of? Stop it! I’m writing a book and I’m sharing the process. Click the #talkingallthatjaz link in bio!
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