Weekly Style Roundup – Week of 8/12


This Week was all about sun dresses and things I found in the closet but haven’t worn in ages! We have been experiencing some extreme temps in the bay! The week of the 12th brought 90+ degree temps and attitudes because it was hot as hell. These dresses were perfect for the weather!

Look Number 1 featured a little white frock purchased from Old Navy for $7. Queue Erykah Badu’s “Cleva”…”My dress ain’t cost nothin’ but seven dollar, but I made it fly” Paired the dress with a leopard print strappy heel from Forever 21 $24.90. The shades which I love were from H&M $12.99. Grand Total for this Look was $44.89.

Look Number 2, a floral dress. What can I say about this dress? I don’t really like it. Here is the thing, I purchased this dress years ago from Target and I’m going to believe I liked it then lol. This week I tried to focus on things I had in my closet and this is one of them. Why don’t I like it? It has a hint of matronly to me. None the less, the dress is being donated. Dress $7.48. Shoes purchased from Forever 21 $24.90. Grand Total for this look $32.38.

Look Number 3 is a little bohemian dress. I love this dress, not just because of the price but because of the style. It’s short but not too short and the colors are amazing. Dress is from Marshall’s and it was $7. Shoes from JustFab and they were $14. Grand Total: $21.

That’s a wrap on this week’s look! Until next time, keep it cute, comfortable and most important, affordable! See you next week!


Weekly Style Roundup – Week of 8/5



This Week the focus is statement graphic tees. I love when you can make a statement and make it fashion!

Look Number 1 is a “The Future Is Female” tee paired with a cute polkadot midi skirt which I got for an unbelievable price. A black biker jacket and 1 of my 8 pair of heels! This look was cute and comfortable. The jacket came from Forever 21 purchased a while back so I don’t remember the price. The skirt is from Ross and it was $10.99. The shirt, Amazon $10.99 and the shoes are from Just Fab $14.99. Grand Total: $36.97.


Look Number 2 is a Black Girl Magic tee! This tee like the others need no explanation! This look is casual chic. Distressed jeans, graphic tee and an oversized jean jacket that I love! The shirt is from Amazon $10.97. The jeans are from Target $15. The jacket is also from Target $32. This I will admit was pricey to me, but the quality is amazing! This jacket is part of Target’s Wild Fable collection. The shoes are the same ones from look #1 and are from JustFab $14.99. Grand Total: $72.96. This entire look is a bit more than I’d normally spend, but I will get multiple wears out of every piece…as you can see by the shoes!


Look Number 3, wrapped up the week with a tee titled,”Nah”. I paired this graphic tee with one of my favorite pair of mom jeans! The blue is electric and the fit is amazing! I love a great pair of mom jeans that don’t give you pancake butt, and these my friends are that pair. Jeans are from Forever 21 $27.90. Shirt is from Amazon $10.99. Shoes are from H&M (bought a while back and I don’t remember the price. Grand Total: $38.89.

That’s a wrap on this week’s look! Until next time, keep it cute, comfortable and most important, affordable! See you next Sunday 😉

Weekly Style Roundup – Week of 7/29

This Week’s Theme, Jumpsuits and Rompers!

I mean, who doesn’t love a good jumpsuit or a cute little romper? Until you have to use the bathroom lol. This week I kept it cute, comfortable and most important, affordable. I purchased items from Pretty Little Things, H&M, Target, Kids Foot Locker (be jealous) and Journey’s. Now let’s get into these looks!

Look Number 1 a beautiful baby blue (looks green in the photo) colored jumpsuit with a chunky Fila sneaker. One thing you’ll notice about me, I go for comfort over cuteness often. Flats or sneakers, always my first choice. I shared a fun fact on Instagram and that fun fact is, I only own 8 pairs of heels, and two are specifically for work. I simply find no pleasure in my feet hurting. Now if someone can recommend a heel that wears like a Naturalizer shoe, let me know. Now back to the look. Let me talk about this jumpsuit, it’s perfect for fall! Why? because it is thick! Lucky for me, living in the Bay Area, it can be 90’s during the day and 60’s by the evening. The jumpsuit is from Pretty Little Things: $24. The shoes are from Kids Foot Locker and were a gift from my amazing daughter. Grand Total: $24.


Look Number 2 brought out the legs and 1 of my 8 pairs of heels! I love this romper. It’s big booty friendly, doesn’t ride up and shows just enough without exposing cheeks. I purchased this romper from H&M years ago and unfortunately couldn’t find the exact look on the site, but no fear, I did find something similar (see below). Romper: $14. Shoes from Target: $19.99. Grand Total: $33.99


Look Number 3, all white and super cute! This jumpsuit is also from Pretty Little Things. This jumpsuit like the other one is thick! Great quality, very comfortable and Fall friendly. Say it with me…Comfort over Cuteness but still cute! The shoes Fila, are from Journey’s and wait until I tell you the price. Who knew that Fila would make a comeback? Now if they’d only bring back British Knights and Diadora.  The jumpsuit: $24. The shoes: $29.99. Grand Total: $53.99


That’s a wrap! Come back next Sunday for a brand new Weekly Style Roundup featuring more cute and affordable looks! Are you enjoying these posts? Let me know in the comments.

Until next time, keep it cute, comfortable and most important, affordable!

Weekly Style Round Up – Week of 7/22


This Week had no theme, just cute and versatile looks!

Look Number 1 featured a long red off the shoulder maxi dress from Forever 21. This dress fit perfectly. I always have a hard time finding maxi dresses that don’t drag the ground be it that I’m 5’2.5″, yes the .5 matters! Needless to say, when I found this dress I loved it…well, I wanted it in this beautiful mustard color but they didn’t have my size. No fear, I didn’t settle. Once I saw this red against my skin I was sold! Direct link to the dress below. Grand total for this look: $27.90.


Smocked-Waist Off-the-Shoulder Maxi Dress


Look Number 2 one of favorite pair of ASOS jeans and a colorful statement button up top from Forever 21. These jeans, what can I say?!? First, they were only $20, and they fit over my butt…all of it 😂 . Girls with big booties and small waists can relate. I have a hard time finding jeans that fit my hips, butt and waist perfectly. These fit great, and, no gapping at the back. The blouse, only $12.90. I mean, can you beat that? The pink pumps are also from Forever 21 and last I checked, they were on clearance for $11.99 (you’re welcome!). Grand Total for this Look: $57.80.


Look Number 3 had me feeling like a Queen! I bought his beautiful skirt years ago from a  black owned business I found on Instagram. She has amazing pieces and when I saw this skirt, I fell in love. It’s long, but not too long and the quality is amazing! It was about $35 when I bought it. The top, is a bodysuit I purchased from Marshall’s for $8.99 and the shoes I’ve also had for years purchased for $14 from Just Fab. This is definitely a whole look! Grand Total for this Look: $57.99.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Weekly Style Roundup. This went up a bit late, but come back Sunday to see what I wore this week! The theme was Jumpsuits and Rompers…spoiler, legs were shown!

Weekly Style Roundup – Week of 7/15!

Welcome to my very first Weekly Style Roundup! What is the Weekly Style Roundup you ask? Well, every week I post three affordable looks on Instagram, and this Weekly Style Roundup will feature those three looks with styling and purchasing details. Get excited! Wait, are you following me on Instagram? If you aren’t, you should be!

This week’s theme was all about dressing the basic tee. Look number 1 featured a basic black tee paired with a houndstooth print wrap skirt. This look was simple, sophisticated, cute and most important, affordable. This look is perfect for the corporate maven. The t-shirt is from ASOS. Skirt from H&M, and the shoes are from Just Fab. Grand total for this look: $42

IMG_4179    savingPNG 16

Look number 2 was the classic white tee with jeans, paired with a floral head wrap, peach blazer and nude colored strappy block heels. The t-shirt is from ASOS. The jeans are from Target. The blazer and the shoes are from Forever 21. This look is casual girly chic. Not too casual, not too dressy. Grand total for this look: $31.49.

Look number 3 gave me hipster vibes. This casual look featured black and white patterned pants, basic white tee, black biker jacket, felt hat, and the ever so classic shell toe Adidas. I know what you’re thinking, all of that during the summer? Well, here in the lovely Bay Area, we haven’t had much of a summer (booooooo). 70’s maybe 80’s during the day, zero humidity and by 7 PM, we’re back in the 60’s. Pants and white tee from ASOS. Jacket from Forever 21 and hat from H&M. The jacket in the picture is not the jacket I own, but a similar look available for purchase on forever21.com. Shoes are from Kids Footlocker (benefit of having small feet, cheaper shoes). Grand total for this look minus the shoes because they were a gift from my kid: $40.49

That wraps up this week’s looks! Tell me what you think? Is this something you’d like to see on my site? Let me know in the comments and come back next week for three new looks!