Parenting today looks much different from what I experienced growing up. My parents are part of the old school generation. They mirrored what they experienced, while unconsciously repeating patterns.

Parents of yesteryear lived by the “spare the rod spoil the child” philosophy. They also lived by the do as I say, not as I do teaching. Not all, but a large majority. They parented with ego creating resentful children who vowed that they would never raise their children the same way, welcome to New Age Parenting. Just because it worked 50 years ago, doesn’t mean it will work today. The same way some of the old ways still work.

What makes parenting in 2018 different? Simple, the children. It seems as if children of today are born different. It’s as if they have different wiring. There are a few outside factors which I believe influence how parenting today has changed.

1. Too much access…to everything.

2. Two words, SOCIAL MEDIA!

Parenting today requires a different level of discipline and an expert level of overseeing. I’m not a spanker and never have been. Fact is, I’ve never had to, not even when they did unbelievable ish. Not bragging, but there are alternatives. Understand, whoopings don’t always work! Fact: whoopings made me sneaky and rebellious. I learned nothing from being whooped with a belt, other than learning how not to get caught doing wrong.

How I parent in 2018:

Respect ~ I respect my children. Yes parents, you can respect your children and still maintain authority. Choosing to respect you child’s opinions, space, thoughts, feelings and ideas don’t make you any less of a parent.

Follow the Leader~ when parenting I lead by example. I try to always model behavior I want to see them to follow. I don’t require of my children what I don’t do myself. For example; how can I be on them about keeping their room clean and I don’t keep mine clean? How can I demand communication from them but poorly communicate? This is where I differ from several other parents that I know and that’s okay. My kids, my choice.

Discipline ~ I’ve been told that I’m not a huge disciplinarian 🤷🏽‍♀️, however, what I choose works.

Being Real ~ no sugarcoating anything. I talk about everything from politics to sex to drugs to black history to religion. No topic is off limits.

Paying Close Attention ~ there are very few things I miss. I pay attention to words (both spoken and unspoken), looks, body language, sleep habits to name a few.

I Love hard ~ each and everyday Itell my children I love them. I don’t just tell them, I show them. I hug them. I kiss them. I want them to not only know what love feels like, but what it looks like when it’s genuine.

How do you parent in 2018? What works and what doesn’t? I’d love to know.

Until next time…💛

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