Does one really fail when something doesn’t go as planned? I believe that failing is all perception based, and the inability to see the now what is fear driven. I was reading the other day and came across this quote.

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” ~ Thomas Edison

Now I don’t want 10,000 experiences, but you get the gist of the quote.

To those who have failed, have you ever said to yourself, “that was a big mistake!”? I have, both hands raised. One of my biggest perceived failures was not seeing things through to completion and that list was long y’all. Here are a few:

• College

• This blog

• My marriage

College, just because I didn’t finish didn’t mean that I couldn’t go back (if I wanted), nor did it mean that I wouldn’t be successful.

This blog, I’ve said it before, I started it in 2016, fell off twice, but the consistency and commitment is my now what.

My marriage, growing up in a generation of women that taught you that you stay married through the good, bad, ugly, cheating, y’all know what I’m talking about. Why? Because that’s what the word says. Well God also said though shalt not be no dummy. The failure of my marriage didn’t mean that I should never enter another relationship. Nor did it mean that I should give up on the idea that love didn’t exist or that ever other relationship would fail like that one. My now what, a 12 year healthy relationship.

One thing I admire about children is their innocence, and their inability to recognize failure. Have you ever lived through the process of a child learning to walk? Any parent with a child knows exactly what I’m talking about. They start off with pulling up on something. That then turns into letting go of that something and standing unassisted. That leads to contemplating that first step because it’s scary. It’s unsteady and unfamiliar but they take off and what usually happens after the first one or two steps? They fall, and sometimes hard, but because they can’t see that fall as a failure, what does the child do next? They dust off and attempt those first steps again, but this time those one or two steps turn into three and four, five and six, and they keep stepping until It’s a full fledged stable unassisted walk.

Do you need a better example of a now what after failing? Could you imagine how many amazing things we could accomplish if we had the vision of a child after a failure? If your now what game was just as strong as your failure. What is your now what going to look like after today? I challenge you to restart today! Whatever it is. Because anytime you wake up to the start of a brand new day, you can start all over.

Until next time… ❤️

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